Class 7b: Similarities and differences between life in Germany and Canada – Practicing English by talking to a student from Canada

Class 7b had a very exciting opportunity last Friday when they got to practice their English with a student from Canada. A member of the class, Emma Hackstein organized a facetime call with her Canadian friend also named Emma, where the entire class would be able to ask questions about some differences between life in Canada compared to Germany and to find out about Emma herself. Emma Smith lives in Nova Scotia which is in the eastern part of Canada where she is in her final year of High School.

The class had lots of questions about how things like school and sports are different in Canada compared to Germany and were able to learn about some other traditions that they have such as Thanksgiving. Like Germany there is no school uniform at schools but many of the pupils were very jealous when they found out that classes normally don’t start until 9:15!

Emma was also able to tell the class about her own home life and showed lots of photos of her puppy called ‘Whiskey’!

Even though Emma and the students of 7b live far apart they still share many hobbies such as the same TV shows and love for table tennis.

Overall, the pupils had a great afternoon, speaking to someone who is a pupil just like them, but learning about all the similarities and differences between both Germany and Canada.

We’d really like to thank Emma Hackstein for allowing us to have this video call and we will hopefully hear from Emma Smith soon!


Rebecca Elliot und Anke Trautmann

von Jochen Stief, 7. Juni 2023
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