Neue Fremdsprachenassistentin am GaS

Endlich hat das Gymnasium am Schloss wieder eine Fremdsprachenassistentin für das Fach Englisch:

Herzlich Willkommen, Rebecca!

Wir freuen uns sehr auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Dir!



My name is Rebecca Elliott, and I am delighted to be working with the Gymnasium am Schloss this year.

I am a twenty-year-old student from Northern Ireland studying French and German at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. This is now the third year of my five-year master’s course where I will be fulfilling the role of an English language assistant for my year abroad in Saarbrücken.

Back home in Northern Ireland, I live in a small village in County Down close to the beautiful Mourne Mountains and many fantastic beaches. Throughout my time at school, I always enjoyed learning modern languages, later deciding to continue my studies in both French and German at university. In 2020 I moved to St Andrews in Scotland to begin a Master of Arts program in both subjects which I have so far thoroughly enjoyed! After having lived in a small village and a small university town it will be interesting to see how I adjust to life in a city such as Saarbrücken!

I’m really excited to spend my year in Saarbrücken to learn not just more about the German language, but about its culture and people. I hope that in turn I’ll be able to help the students with their grasp of English, the United Kingdom, and its culture. It’s a privilege to be able to show the benefits of language learning in a world with an ever-growing demand for modern languages as well as demonstrating to the students the joy of learning about each other’s cultures and language.



von Jochen Stief , 19. September 2022
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